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I played my first game and won!   Smile
(03-04-2020, 08:52 PM)pinkas Wrote: [ -> ]I played my first game and won!   Smile

I would like to see that game - have you saved it?
Can you send me (or post) a snapshot of it?

Is there a way people can share (re-play/watch) saved games?
Currently, there is no way to share saved games between users. But it certainly sounds like a useful feature.
We have created a new sub-forum: 'Enhancement Requests'.
Please post your request there and we will add that feature ASAP.
Reviewing games saved by other users is now implemented.
Details on how to use this new feature will be posted in a separate post.
I have followed the steps to share my game and here is my winning game handle: BE2452646
Give it a try, see if you can review it...
Nice play!
I have reviewed the game - it worked great.