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New feature - sharing games
A new feature is now available that allows registered users to review games saved by others.

To share one of your games:
  • Go to 'Play On-line'
  • Login
  • Click the 'Load game' buttonĀ 
  • Select the desired saved game from the list
  • Click the 'Share' button
  • Record (copy/paste) the provided game 'handle'
  • Publish the handle or send it the users that you wish to see the game
To review a shared game:
  • Go to 'Play On-line'
  • Login
  • Click the 'Load game' button
  • Scroll down and select '<shared games>'
  • Enter (paste) the game handle of the shared game
  • Click the 'Load' button
If you have any questions about this new feature, you can ask here.
If you encounter any issues/problems, please report them (we will create a new sub-forum for reporting issues and bugs).

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