Baladăna™ is a new and exciting
strategy game for two players.
In chess, the powers are cast.
Once a pawn, always a pawn.
In the court of Baladăna™,
the powers are yours to bestow.
The word baladăna
(pronounced b&-l&-'dä-n&
rhymes with "one-banana")
comes from the ancient
Pali language and means
'bestowal of powers' or
'gift of powers'.

There are some obvious similarities with chess, however Baladăna™ is more abstract and even more complex and dynamic.

The biggest difference is that while in chess the way each playing piece can move is always the same, in Baladăna™, the way figures can move is dynamic, determined by their 'powers'. The configuration of these powers represented by the colored rings is updated throughout the game - players can change the position of one ring as part of each move, placing up to 3 rings on any figure. When more rings of different colors are placed on a figure the powers combine and as the game progresses, you can gradually build up more and more powerful figures.

The Starting Position


For a quick overview of the rules see Rules Summary .

When you are ready for all the details, you can review the Official Baladăna™ Rules.

Although the resulting game is very complex and rich, the rules are actually quite simple and easy to learn.
Boxed Game Set

Baladăna™ is available as a physical board game via mail order, using PayPal.

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If you get a chance to try the game out and want to share your impressions or opinions - or if you just want to browse what other people had to say, see the Baladăna™ Forum.


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